Monday, February 10, 2020

Federalism Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Federalism Paper - Essay Example People have different and varied opinions about federalism but for United States it completely make sense to be a federalist country. This is because US is spreaded over a large geographical area and it is near to impossible to run and control the whole country by just having one government. Federalism might look as an incomprehensible idealistic expression, but it has a substantial meaning. It basically reflects the choice of the people and gives them a say in deciding as how the state or even people living in the state should be governed. When votes are being casted, an individual say will only matter when there will be a small number of people casting votes for their state rather than a million people voting for the whole country. People take more interest in the local elections rather than the country election when they are living in a federalist country (Longley, 2013). When all the activities are being handled by the state, the accountability of the state government as well as the people living in that state increases. If someone is not working in the right manner or if they are not being ethical with their work, it is easier to figure out what is wrong and can be corrected there and then. Federalism also makes people more concerned about the state and the people living in the state which is considered to be the best part of it (Magazu, 2013). Different states have different laws which are to the convenience of the people living there. The law of education, health, marriage and divorce, drinking age limit and driving license are major laws which are made and implemented by the state government. The state government does not need permission from the central government to make changes in these laws when and where required hence giving people a more close say in running the place they live in. Secondly the issues that are related to the people directly are heard and solved more quickly and

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