Thursday, February 27, 2020

Training Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Training Plan - Essay Example The training will involve a variety of instructional materials. To be specific, training manuals in form of booklets will be used, alongside visual aids which will be used during the presentations. In the booklet will be contained organized list of all the required items. This will range from technical terminologies involved during the construction, safety equipment that will be used during construction, and necessary procedures and processes that count much in the venture. The arrangement of these items is done alphabetically to ensure for easy access by each worker. It also ensures that there is a quick reference guide that would readily assist in addressing the unavoidable cultural diversity amongst the taskforce (CTRE, 2005). The taskforce and issues accruing- This is a component that must be incorporated in order to assist the supervisor to understand the play ground that will be involved during the construction process. This gives a systemized structure that will ensure every member within the company structure fits in their place and work effectively. The basic issues that amount to the task force revolve around three main items, thus; creation of awareness, building of individual skills and planning in order to take action (CTRE, 2005). Creation of Awareness- This is the phase that aims at enlightening all the participants that would be involved in the task force of building and construction all the processes. It cuts across the hierarchy divides, starting from the supervisor all the way down to other workers. The workers must also know such risks that will be involved like falling objects, chemical mixtures, man holes, poisonous gases and fumes, and in exchange observe individual safety measure. Alongside the aforementioned, the supervisor must be aware of the cultural diversification at the work place and come up with amicable measures in addressing it; alongside the help that

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